Now that you've finished your research and test-driven your favorite model, it's time to determine whether you'd like to lease or finance your next car, truck or SUV from our Ford dealership in Morris, IL. While there are several benefits to both, the decision ultimately comes down to your personal preference. To help make your decision a little easier, our experts have highlighted the pros and cons of leasing and buying for our customers that haven't made their final decision 
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Pros & Cons of Leasing
For those looking to save on their monthly vehicle payments, and upgrade models every few years, leasing from our Morris, IL Ford dealership is the perfect option. Since you will only be paying for the portion of the vehicle's life you'll be using, monthly payments are typically lower with leasing. Because a lease agreement usually lasts for about two to three years, you'll be able to upgrade to the latest Ford models.
On the downside, lease agreements tend to include mileage and customization restrictions. This means that you'll have to watch how many miles you drive. As well, lease deals tend to stipulate that you may not add aftermarket parts to the vehicle.
Pros & Cons of Buying
If you want to own your car outright, customize with aftermarket parts, and not worry about mileage restrictions, financing from our Morris, IL Ford dealership is the right move. Despite higher monthly payments, the sense of ownership you'll feel is priceless. For those that want to customize the interior and exterior of their vehicle with performance parts and accessories, they can do so with a vehicle loan.
For more information on buying vs. leasing your next car, truck, or SUV from our Ford dealership in Morris, IL, please don't hesitate to contact Greenway Ford through our website or by calling our specialists directly at (888) 341-7578. If you've already decided on whether to buy or lease, check out our extensive new and pre owned inventory!